Fresh Pow = Snowshoe

img_7455Get out those snowshoes and get hiking. The mountains in Utah just got a few inches of fresh powder so the conditions are perfect for a little fun. Just drive up one of the many canyons and pick a trail. We enjoy Big Cottonwood Canyon and Donut Falls. There can be a lot of traffic so if you want a little more privacy, head up to the top of the canyon. Take the Guardsman Pass road and when it ends at the gate that closes the road for winter just take off hiking. We did a fun loop around in the trees just forging our own trail.

It doesn’t matter where you decide to go – just do it.


These pictures were just off the side of the road, past the Magpie campground, up the South Fork of the Ogden river.

Winter is winding down and there may not be very many more chances to get out there. You can rent snow shoes at REI or I picked up a few pair for pretty cheap at estate sales in Park City. They always seem to have a few going for around $20.00 a pair. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful Utah snow.

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