The Labyrinth Near St. George

img_2746_momentWhen you are planning spring break in St. George why not see a few things you haven’t before. What is a Labyrinth? Well it is like a maze and it is fun to explore. It is a large circle that has a way in to the center and then one back out. The one near St. George is in a little community, Kayenta, just about 7 miles west of St. George. If you have never visited here you should head on over. Kayenta is kinda like a nature, yuppie, environmentalist community. It has a little community center that has a cafe which is fun for lunch and some art galleries. This is some of the sidewalk art in the town center. img_2747

This community was developed back in the 80’s and is very open, natural area with million dollar desert homes. Their goal was to keep the community in harmony with the desert flora. Once you get into the community there are signs to the cafe and watch for the signs to the Labyrinth. Get out explore and have fun. The Labyrinth here is called Sacred Circles. Here is the stone at the entrance that tells you their concept.img_2744

Or you can make up your own fun when exploring. I sure hope Brenda and Dianne don’t mind me sharing us being goofy but always FUN!

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