Frogtown, Utah – Say What?

IMG_4426This Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday & Monday) you better be headed out to CAMP FLOYD in Frogtown, now called Fairfield, Utah. They are hosting a CIVIL WAR ENCAMPMENT – The activities they have planned are amazing and fun for the whole family. Stagecoach rides are available on Monday and the event will allow you to experience camp life and participate in lots of activities.  Sometimes when you visit you can build adobe bricks, dip candles, have a fake horse pony express race and be a student in the old classroom. IMG_4427 IMG_4428This weekend you can play period games and see drills performed by soldiers of “Johnston’s Army” while they are dressed in period uniforms. The kids really learn a lot and have fun while doing it. IMG_4423They can even fire period muskets. Fairfield is less than an hour away from Salt Lake City and one of the neatest old historical towns that still lets you get a feel of what the older days in Utah felt like. IMG_4424

In 1958 nearly 1/3 of the entire US army at the time came to Camp Floyd to deal with a pending Mormon rebellion against the US governments laws – which never happened. This camp was the largest military installation at the time – crazy, right here in Utah. The military was later recalled to help fight in the Civil War. What great history we have!IMG_4430

The Stagecoach Inn, that housed many in its day who were traveling across the country to California, has also been restored and is fun to see.  This was a stop as well for the Pony Express – what a great learning activity that teaches us how an old frontier town lived.  At one time there were 17 saloons catering to the large numbers of people.IMG_4431

Take a look at the old Cemetery & visit the graves of soldiers who died in the service of our country. They have a wonderful museum that used to be Camp Floyd’s commissary. See artifacts here from Camp Floyd from the time it was occupied.IMG_4425

There is an old schoolhouse restored to the period that you can rent out for special events like family reunions but this whole area is great for scout field trips and short weekend family excursions. There are still spots available for 11 year old scouts to come out and have an adventure. The boys even get to stay overnight in old time camp tents. I wish I would have know about this when I was Webelos leader. Go to the Camp Floyd Website to enroll. Other camps are available for girl scouts, classrooms, cub scouts and birthday parties. The large grass area with tons of shade would be a perfect place for a large group activity.

Watch this video below for a very informative video on Camp Floyd!

If you can’t make it Memorial day they have other special events on Labor Day Weekend.

On a side note – Utah has a wonderful Geo Cache program and this is a site where one is hidden. Message us if you want more information on this program & how to find this hidden cache.IMG_3153

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