Monument Valley

dsc_0224Here is a classic picture that we just had to take. As you drive into Monument Valley pull off to the side and take a pic. Make sure you watch for traffic and you may have to take your turn as it seems there are many others trying for this fun shot.  In the summer there are Navajo vendors at this pullout with some fun local jewelry.

Monument Valley is in San Juan County and only about an hour drive from Blanding and 6 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City. You will be going right to the Arizona border. Monument Valley is not a National Park like many think but actually part of The Navajo Nation. We took a lot of detours on our way which we will be blogging about real soon and give you a whole loop of activities for a long weekend trip but for now let’s talk Monument Valley.


Goulding’s Lodge is a great place to stay for the night. Make sure you get reservations as there are many tour buses that stop here and we got the last “cabin” the night we stayed because we didn’t call until we were only 10 miles away. Goulding’s has had a new renovation and is clean with great views. Make sure to go into the Trading Post Museum it is free and was fun to see the history of all the old westerns that were filmed in this region. We ate dinner and breakfast in Goulding’s restaurant which was fabulous and make sure to ask for a window seat so you can see all the vistas. They have a tiny theater where you can watch a photographic show of the area or at night a John Wayne movie.


Drive into Arizona and the heart of Monument Valley. The fee to get into Monument Valley includes access to The Valley Drive which is a 17 mile unpaved rough dirt road. It takes you into the heart of the land which is what you have come for. If you don’t have a high clearance vehicle you may want to take a tour offered at the visitors center. We have done it in both a Jeep and a Kia sedan and did just fine. Make sure you take all the loops and stop at the pullouts for the views. We missed the John Ford pullout last trip and did it this year. It is wonderful and as you can see from our main blog picture  with Sami on the horse a fun photo op. Plan on a couple hours with all the stops and pictures you are going to want to take. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be posting detours in this County real soon. Enjoy!



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